Photos app received a new update (2017.39071)

Microsoft is pushing an update to Photos app, which brings a significant version increment. The update is available on Fast Ring (Redstone 4 or RS_PRERELEASE).

What's new?

On past day 4th August, Microsoft released the version 2017.39071.12920, which removed the Video feature. Therefore, and also because the APPX package was 800MB in size, I didn't bother to upload it. On this day, 9th August, the version 2017.39071.13510 enables that feature again.

Besides that, I don't see any change. I expect the coming updates under version 2017.39071 bring only enhancements and bug fixes.

Update 18th August: Photos app was renamed to Story Remix with latest update. The Photos team wants your feedback.

Update 19th August: Photos app was renamed to Photos & Video with new update.

Update 21th August: Photos app... should I say Photos & Video.. wait... it's Photos again 😒



The update is officially available on Fast Ring, for those on Redstone 4 branch. The APPX bundle also includes an ARM package, however, it's targetted for Desktop devices. That means it will fail to deploy on your phone. There's no official report that these new features will ever come to the phone, but if yes, the team behind the app will probably require more time to optimize it and make it work well on smaller screens. In addition, features such photo tagging with Artificial Intelligence consume a lot of resources and take a lot of time, even on a PC, so I am really curious about what Microsoft will do. They already have algorithms implemented on OneDrive, but they are not using it in the Photos app, it's all processed locally.

Update history

  • 9th August - 2017.39071.13510
  • 18th August - 2017.39071.14310
  • 20th August - 2017.39071.14410
  • 21th August - 2017.39071.14510