Groove updated with UI tweaks and a hint for new feature (10.17071) - Download APPX

Microsoft is pushing a new update for Groove app. The new bits are available for Insiders on Fast Ring (on RS_PRERELEASE branch). There are minor UI changes and hints for a new feature.

What's new?

  • Under My Music, it looks like Microsoft is using new font styles for Artists and Album names. In addition, there are new animations and hover effects. The Add to and Play buttons are also redesigned and placed differently.  
  • There's also a new indication that a feature is coming. Under Settings, you can spot a new header Playback, which has a hyperlink, Visualizers. The feature is not available yet, and there's no official indication about what it is. However, some websites are relating this with Zune Visualizers. You can read the article about it on Windows Central.


Below you can find the APPX file to sideload it on your devices. The package contains the bits for x86, x64 and ARM (phones).

Version: 10.17071.13211.0

Released date: 28th July