Skype updated with performance and group chatting enhancements (v 12.4) - Download APPX

Skype released a new update to Windows Store app, which includes a few changes.

What's new?

At first, I thought this would be super update because the version incremented from to 12.4.634.0, so I was definitely expecting the new design present on Skype's desktop app which is also available on Android and will arrive on iPhones soon. 

Well, this wasn't the case. But there are good and welcome changes.

  • Improved performance: The Skype team did some work under the hood to make the app perform even better (they claim...)
  • Groups experiences: Enhancements for group calling and messaging. (I don't know exactly what changed, I don't use groups)
  • New welcome page: There's a new welcome page highlighting the above changes.

Download APPX

Below you can find the APPX for this version and sideload it on your PCs and phones.

Update history

  • 4th September;12.4.634.0
  • 7th September;12.4.638.0
  • 8th September;12.4.644.0
  • 9th September;12.4.646.0
  • 12th September;12.4.652.0
  • 15th September;12.4.676.0
  • 25th September;12.4.709.0
  • 30th September;12.4.711.0